Hall of Fame


  • Christophe Gonzales (PhD)
  • Pierre-Henri Wuillemin (PhD)


  • Lionel Torti (PhD)


  • Jean-Philippe Dubus (PhD)
  • Gaspard Ducamp
  • Othmane Hamzaoui
  • Matthieu Hourbrack (PhD student)
  • Jean-Christophe Magnan (PhD)
  • Ariele Maesano (PhD)
  • Vincent Renaudineau
  • Julien Schueller
  • Mathieu Ville
  • Yangfan Xiang


aGrUM/pyAgrum internally uses :

  • coco/R : compiler generator used for many file formats parsers.
  • lrslib : vertex enumeration/convex hull problems solver.
  • swig : wrapper generator for C++ code in many languages.
  • tinyxml : C++ XML parser.


  • Jean-Philippe Dubus (2011)

This thesis studies new exact inference and triangulation methods for various graphical models (Bayesian networks, GAI networks, WCSP, ...) in very high treewidth context.

  • Lionel Torti (2012)

Inference and modeling in Probabilistic Relational Models.

  • Ariele Maesano (2015)

Optimal Strategy for Service Architecture Testing usgin Probbilistic Graphical Models.

  • Jean-Christophe Magnan (2016)

Extensions of frameworks and algorithms for sequential decision making.