pyAgrum installation



conda install -c conda-forge pyagrum


pip install pyagrum


  • You can run a notebook with pyAgrum installed inside a Docker container using the following command:
docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 -v /path/to/work/dir:/home/jovyan/work --user root -e NB_UID=1000 agrumery/pyagrum-notebook

(/path/to/work/dir is the path of a folder where your notebooks will be stored)

  • If you are just interested in running pyAgrum inside a Docker container, you can use the agrumery\pyagrum image:
docker run -it agrumery/pyagrum

From source

You can install pyAgrum from source on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Each operating system has its specificities, but regardless of you OS you will need to :

  1. Download pyAgrum source
git clone
  1. Install pyAgrum dependencies. For instance,
pip install numpy scipy matplotlib pydotplus
  1. Build pyAgrum
cd aGrUM
python act release test -t quick pyAgrum
  1. Install pyAgrum
python act install pyAgrum -d [installation_folder]

installation_folder is the folder where you wish to install the pyAgrum python package.