aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.13.6 released

   -- Posted on jeu. 01 août 2019 in News

ANNOUNCE: aGrUM 0.13.6

aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.13.6 is out.

Changelog for 0.13.6

  • aGrUM

    • Compilation issue for clang4 fixed
    • remove all pre-compiled float instanciations of aGrUM's templates (and significantly reduce the size of all libraries)
    • add the configuration files needed for interactive notebooks on …

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pyAgrum@binder !

   -- Posted on mar. 08 janvier 2019 in News

notebooks for pyAgrum at

Everybody can now play with the notebooks of pyAgrum thanks to :

(the version can be changed of course)

Binder encapsulates pyAgrum and its dependencies in a docker which is deployed on the …

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aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.13.5 released

   -- Posted on lun. 24 décembre 2018 in News

ANNOUNCE: aGrUM 0.13.5

aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.13.5 is out.

Changelog for 0.13.5

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