aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.14.2 released

Posted on ven. 01 mars 2019 in News

ANNOUNCE: aGrUM 0.14.2

aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.14.2 is out.

Mainly bugfixes for aGrUM and several API adjustments for pyAgrum in this patch.

Changelog for 0.14.2

  • aGrUM
    • bug fixes in learning (3off2/miic and learnMixedGraph)
    • removing redundant gum::BNLearner::setAprioriWeight
  • pyAgrum
    • pyAgrum.lib.notebook.showInference can now use svg format
    • use of the svg format by default for graphs and drawings in pyAgrum.lib.notebook
    • refreshing notebooks
    • removing redundant pyAgrum.BNLearner.setAprioriWeight
    • adding forgotten wrapper for pyAgrum.BNLearner.useAprioriBDeu
    • changing the representation of causal model (special node for latent variable)
    • extending documentation