Hall of Fame


  • Christophe Gonzales (Professor)
  • Pierre-Henri Wuillemin (Associate professor)


  • Lionel Torti (PhD)


  • Paul Alam (student)
  • Bastien Chassagnol (student INSA Lyon, Lyon 1)
  • Santiago Cortijo (PhD)
  • Jean-Philippe Dubus (PhD)
  • Gaspard Ducamp (PhD student, IBM)
  • Quentin Falcand
  • Othmane Hamzaoui
  • Matthieu Hourbrack (PhD student, AKheros)
  • Jean-Christophe Magnan (PhD)
  • Aymen Merrouche (student)
  • Mélanie Munch (PhD student, INRA)
  • Ariele Maesano (PhD, Simple Engineering)
  • Vincent Renaudineau
  • Julien Schueller (Phimeca, OpenTurns)
  • Mathieu Ville
  • Yangfan Xiang


aGrUM/pyAgrum internally uses :

  • coco/R : compiler generator used for many file formats parsers.
  • lrslib : vertex enumeration/convex hull problems solver.
  • swig : wrapper generator for C++ code in many languages.
  • tinyxml : C++ XML parser.

PhDs using aGrUM

2017 Hamza Agli

Uncertain Reasoning for Business Rules.

2016 Jean-Christophe Magnan

Extensions of frameworks and algorithms for sequential decision making.

2015 Ariele Maesano

Optimal Strategy for Service Architecture Testing usgin Probbilistic Graphical Models.

2012 Lionel Torti

Inference and modeling in Probabilistic Relational Models.

2011 Jean-Philippe Dubus

Inference and triangulation methods for various graphical models (Bayesian networks, GAI networks, WCSP, ...) in very high treewidth context.