aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.16.0 released

Posted on mar. 27 août 2019 in News

ANNOUNCE: aGrUM 0.16.0

aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.16.0 is out.

Changelog for 0.16.0

  • aGrUM

    • bug fixed in gum::BNLearner::learnParameters() in some cases with ML estimation (without priors). Better bootstrap for EM.
    • bug fixed for variables order in the gum::Potential generated by gum::BayesNet::reverseArc()
    • new gum::DiGraph::hasDirectedCycle
    • new methods in gum::Potential for random generations and pertubations
  • pyAgrum

    • improvements in pyAgrum.lib.causality (direct access to backdoor and frontdoor, typos in doCalculus, etc.)
    • pyAgrum.lib.notebook's visualisations of graph can be adapted for dark or light themes (in jupyterlab for instance) with forDarkTheme()and forLightTheme()
    • gum.lib.notebook.{show|get}Inference() can now have colored arcs (see 06-colouringBNs.ipynb in the notebooks)
    • improvements on the documentation framework (w.r.t. readthdocs)
    • bug fixed for variables order in the pyAgrum.Potential generated by pyAgrum.BayesNet.reverseArc()
    • new pyAgrum.DiGraph.hasDirectedCycle
    • new methods in pyAgrum.Potential for random generations and pertubations
    • better error messages when adding arcs in a Bayesian Network
    • API change for joint targets in exact inference : only as set of node ids or names of variable

Changelog for 0.15.2

  • aGrUM

    • fix a (rare) bug in counters for contingency tables for chi2 and G2 (bug found by Bastien Chassagnol)
  • pyAgrum

    • fix fscore in gumlib/
    • API : Wherever a list of strings is the type for an argument, a single string "x" can be used instead of ["x"]
    • workaround for weird bug when displaying matplotlib-generated svg in notebooks (for gnb.showInference)
    • fix AUC computation in gumlib/