aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.17.0 released

Posted on jeu. 23 janvier 2020 in News

ANNOUNCE: aGrUM 0.17.0

aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.17.0 is out.

Changelog for 0.17.0

  • pyAgrum

    • Update requirements
    • Improve
    • Documentation improvements
    • Remove '?' from names in some resources files concerning Asia
    • Updating API for pyAgrum.Instantiation (accessor using name of variables)
    • Important internal updates for the relation between numpy.array and pyAgrum.Potential (with a significant speed-up)
    • Add operators between pyAgrum.Potential and numbers
    • Fix a bug when using pydotplus with size=None
    • Fix minor bugs in pyAgrum.fastBN and in pyAgrum.O3prmBNWriter/Reader
    • Add pyAgrum.Potential.log2() method and pyAgrum.log2(pyAgrum.Potential) function
    • Add pyAgrum.BayesNet.clear() method
  • aGrUM

    • Updating API for gum::Instantiation (accessor using name of variables)
    • Add operators between gum::Potential<GUM_SCALAR> and GUM_SCALAR
    • Fix minor bugs in gum::fastPrototype and in gum::O3prmBNWriter/Reader
    • Add gum::multiDimDecorator::erase(std::string& name) (mainly used as gum::Potential::erase(std::string& name))
    • Add gum::BayesNet<GUM_SCALAR>::clear() method