aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.19.0 released

Posted on mar. 05 janvier 2021 in News

ANNOUNCE: aGrUM 0.19.0

aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.19.0 is out.

Changelog for 0.19.0

Mainly : important changes for Influence Diagram (aGrUM and pyAgrum) and for BayesNet classifiers compliant to scikit-learn's API (pyAgrum).

LIMIDS inference

Classifiers comparison (from sklearn) + Bayesian networks (last column)

  • aGrUM

    • new and better inference for Influence Diagrams and LIMIDs (gum::ShafeShenoyLIMIDInference)
    • new builder for Influence Diagram gum::InfluenceDiagram::fastPrototype
    • bugfixes
  • pyAgrum

    • wrapper and notebook functions for new inference and new methods for influence diagram
    • new module skbn for BayesNet classifier compatible with sklearn (classification and discretization) with optimized predict method and specific structural learning for fit (Naive Bayes, TAN, Chow-Liu tree, and others learning aGrUM's algorithms). Several discretization methods are implemented.
    • minor graphical improvements
    • remove old deprecated class/method (since pyAgrum 0.12.0)
    • Improving documentation (readthebook)
    • bugfixes