aGrUM/pyAgrum 1.5.0 released

Posted on mar. 06 décembre 2022 in News


aGrUM/pyAgrum 1.5.0 is out.

Changelog for 1.5.0

  • aGrUM

    • (internals) Updating act --stats.
    • (internals) Reorganizing build folder : build/{aGrUM|pyAgrum}/{debug|release}.
    • (internals) Improving cmake & CIs.
    • Threadsafe graphs and Graphical Models.
    • Adding new graph gum::PDAG (Partially Directed Acyclic Graph).
    • Renaming gum::MixedGraph::adjacents with correct graph notion : gum::MixedGraph::boundary.
    • Initializing the majority of the end/rend iterators at compile time.
    • Adding AVL binary search trees: gum::AVLTree.
    • Adding priority queues that can be iterated in order: gum::SortedPriorityQueue.
    • Better messages for gum::BayesNet::check().
  • pyAgrum

    • (internals) New docker images with linux gcc 11 for wheels.
    • (internals) CMake: Use FindPython module.
    • (internals) Removing some (false positive) warning notifications from swig.
    • Fixing NaN bugs for new versions of Graphviz.
    • Improving gum.lib.notebooks.flow and light/dark theme compatibility.
    • Renaming pyAgrum.MixedGraph.adjacents with correct graph notion : pyAgrum.MixedGraph.boundary.
    • New graph class gum.PDAG (Partially Directed Acyclic Graph).
    • Fixing a small typo when displaying function as Potential.
    • better messages for pyAgrum.BayesNet.check().
    • More robust gum.explain.showInformation() w.r.t. NaN.
    • Fixing typos in documentation.
    • Improving the organization of ReadTheDoc documentation.