aGrUM/pyAgrum 1.9.0 released

Posted on Wed 26 July 2023 in News


aGrUM/pyAgrum 1.9.0 is out.

  • aGrUM

    • Learning algorithm gum::learning::MIIC can use the weighted databases.
    • Internal improvements for act tool, cmake and compilers (clang).
  • pyAgrum

    • New visualisation for gum::DiscretizedVariable + new config to select this visualisation.
    • pyAgrum.BNLearner can use now the weighted databases for all learning algorithms.
    • Documentation improvements.
    • pyAgrum.lib.bn2roc
      • adding new functions get{ROC|PR}points().
      • accepting pandas.DataFrame as data source (datasrc).
      • adding Fbeta (beta!=1) scores to bn2roc.
      • adding F-Beta threshold on ROC and PR curves.
      • bn2roc functions now force many parameters to be keyword-arguments in order to prevent the risk of mixing arguments.
      • adding new functions anim{ROC|PR}.
    • pyAgrum.skbn.Discretizer can propose a set of labels (that includes the labels from the database) when "NoDiscretization" is selected. (see tutorial 52-Classifier_Discretizer).