aGrUM/pyAgrum 1.0.0 released

   -- Posted on mer. 20 avril 2022 in News


aGrUM/pyAgrum 1.0.0 is out.

Changelog for 1.0.0

The aGrUM's team is very proud to announce the release of aGrUM/pyAgrum 1.0.0!

This long journey sometimes strewn with pitfalls, but which often brought great satisfactions, began with this first …

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aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.22.9 and dataframe

   -- Posted on mar. 05 avril 2022 in News

Sampling and learning with pandas dataframes

During APUD22, it was brought to our attention that it would be nice to be able to use pandas dataframe directly for learning or sampling. Without waiting, we set to work to bring you this feature with the release of version 0.22.9 …

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aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.22.9 released

   -- Posted on mar. 29 mars 2022 in News

ANNOUNCE: aGrUM 0.22.9

aGrUM/pyAgrum 0.22.9 is out.

Changelog for 0.22.9

This tag is a pre-relase for 1.0.0 (!).

  • aGrUM

    • Added a new Multithreaded facility which supports easily both openMP and STL.
    • Enabled exceptions raised by threads to be catched.
    • Made gum::CredalNetworks …

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