notebooks and ipython

   -- Posted on lun. 08 mai 2017 in pyAgrum

pyagrum.lib.notebook offers some helpers and graphical representation of internal objets of agrum : Potential, Graph, Bayesian network, inference, etc. See pyAgrum doc for more details.


From aGrUM 0.11.2, pyagrum.lib.ipython proposes an equivalent API (a subset of the notebook API) for ipython graphical console. For instance …

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Types of variables

   -- Posted on lun. 17 avril 2017 in pyAgrum

There are 3 types of discrete random variables in aGrUM/pyAgrum : LabelizedVariable, DiscretizedVariable and RangeVariable. The 3 types are mainly provided in order to ease the modelisation. Derived from DiscreteVariable, they share a common API

>>> print(vX.domain())

>>> vX.labels()
('No', 'Yes')

>>> vX.isLabel('Maybe')

>>> vX.label …

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