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PhD students

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PhDs using aGrUM

2017- Mélanie Munch

Causal Discovery in PGM driven by an Ontology

2017- Marvin Lasserre

Learning Non-Parametrica Copule Bayesian Networks

2017- Gaspard Ducamp

Probabilistic Rules Optimized COmPilation

2013-2016 Hamza Agli

Reasoning under Uncertainty for Business Rules.

2013-2016 Jean-Christophe Magnan

Extensions of frameworks and algorithms for sequential decision making.

2010-2015 Ariele Maesano

Optimal Strategy for Service Architecture Testing usgin Probbilistic Graphical Models.

2007-2012 Lionel Torti

Inference and modeling in Probabilistic Relational Models.

2007-2011 Jean-Philippe Dubus

Inference and triangulation methods for various graphical models (Bayesian networks, GAI networks, WCSP, ...) in very high treewidth context.